Did you know recent regulations insist on regular maintenance of public buildings passive fire defences?

Arc Firepro ltd offer a new unique Service

Fire Safety SpecialistsPassive Fire Protection is a structural means of containing the spread of fire within a building with the use of fire rated approved intumescent products.
The Active Fire Protection Industry can sometimes overlook the Passive fire protection structures when installing systems. We at Arc Firepro ltd specialize in supporting our customers in all aspects of Complete Building Passive Fire Protection.

From simple fire stopping to servicing the building structure, to ensure complete conformance to new regulations which require annual inspection.

The safety of the building and its occupants depend on the integrity of the structure and many things happen during the life of a building which is a serious danger to its occupants and business continuity.

  • Building and Room Air tightness
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Fire Stopping
  • Intumescent Materials

We manage your structural passive fire protection and annually inspect to ensure building integrity

  1. Understanding the “Risk from Fire” takes experience and knowledge to interpret the needs of the customer and demands of the authorities.
  2. The effectiveness of a gaseous fire suppression system can only by guaranteed by regular ongoing maintenance of that facility.
  3. As part of an annual program of system maintenance, integrity checking of the protected enclosure must be undertaken to ensure that, on discharge, the extinguishing agent achieves the correct concentration at the necessary height for the minimum required retention time.
  4. ISO 14520 states that an enclosure protected by a gaseous extinguishing system must be integrity tested on an annual basis or when changes are made to the enclosure boundary such as new cable penetrations.
  5. Remember before you consider installing any fire suppression system contact Arc Firepro ltd. We would be pleased to discuss and give any advice you may require on air sealing and annually surveying and protecting your work force, work place, and building.

Remember Passive Fire Protection…is a structural means of containing the spread of fire within a building with the use of fire rated approved intumescent products.

  • Seal Pipe/Cable Penetrations
  • Airtight Enclosures

fire regualtions

  1. Plastic Pipes
  2. Metal Pipes
  3. Multi Penetrations
  4. Blank Opening
  5. Single or Bunched Cable
  6. Cables and Cable Trays
  7. Heating / Ventilation and Air

Remember recent regulations insist on regular maintenance of building fire defences. A healthy building is a safe building… fire kills.

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